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More Production. Lower Cost.

CycleStim is a superior method of hydraulic fracture stimulation. Its fundamental process has been proven in hundreds of wells worldwide, since the early 1970's.


CycleStim is superior to conventional planar hydraulic fracture stimulation because it enables greater and more sustained oil and gas production, using less equipment, personnel and materials, at far lower cost and with less environmental impact.

CycleStim is more intelligent way to fracture stimulate wells, and it works.

The animation shown below is output from a simplified rock mechanics model of the Wolfcamp B shale, showing the growth of multiple fractures during the CycleStim hydraulic fracture stimulation process. 


CycleStim is suitable for initial well completions and refracs in vertical and horizontal conventional and unconventional  formation oil and gas wells


The CycleStim process enables real-time, ongoing process evaluation using multiple analytics tools and techniques, to optimize production

Proven Process

Cycle Stim and variations of the process have been successfully completed for many years, with little difficulty and a superior safety


In published reports on more than 550 oil and gas wells, wells completed or recompleted with cyclic hydraulic fracture stimulation outperformed wells completed with planar  fracs

Lower Cost

CycleStim treatments cost a fraction of planar fracs because far less equipment, materials and personnel are required

Environmental Impact

CycleStim treatments require less equipment, water, proppant, and no chemicals, with fewer people on site. It also produces much less intense seismic activity.

CycleStim Treatment Services

We provide turnkey CycleStim hydraulic fracture stimulation treatment services, including well history matching and forecasting, geomechanics modeling, stimulation treatment design and execution, and post-treatment analysis and reporting.

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