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  • SuperEOR and UltraEOR implementation significantly reduces the environmental impact of shale oil production.

  • SuperEOR and UltraEOR processes have a modest environmental footprint, about half that of conventional shale oil production.

  • SuperEOR and UltraEOR greatly improve the efficient recovery of shale oil resources, and reduce the cost/barrel oil produced by about 50%.

  • SuperEOR and UltraEOR can prevent the premature plugging of shale oil wells and the waste of unrecovered shale oil and gas resources.

  • SuperEOR implemented in one well can provide the same reserves from 3-4 new wells, at about 10-15% of the capital and operating cost.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 8.08.32 AM.png

Estimated range of GHG emissions reduction through SuperEOR implementation versus Permian Wolfcamp and Eagle Ford primary oil production.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 12.10.40

SuperEOR and UltraEOR implementation can greatly increase US oil and gas reserves, while reducing the cost per barrel of production and the environmental impact of oil and gas production.

Cumulative US oil production to 2010 was 200 Billion barrels (EIA).

TBEG estimates Permian Basin, Eagle Ford and Williston Basin OOIP at 2.1 Trillion barrels of oil, with only 6% recoverable, about 125 Billion barrels, under primary recovery.

Full deployment of SuperEOR in the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford shale could increase proved oil reserves by more than 400 Billion barrels. 

SuperEOR all-in production cost is estimated at less than $17/barrel, competitive with all other worldwide oil production costs.

Safety & Social

  • Safety is our top priority

  • Everyone in our organization is fully trained in safe workplace practices

  • Our operations comply with all local, state and federal rules and guidelines

  • We provide ongoing safety training programs to all employees


Core Values

  • Always do the right thing - no compromising honesty and integrity

  • Deliver results - work hard and take ownership of goals and objectives

  • Hire and train the best people - develop knowledge and creativity, share ideas inclusively

  • Be a good neighbor - we share a fundamental respect for the environment and strive to improve the quality of life for everyone

  • Be a team player - we encourage teamwork and a culture of trust and goodwill, to provide a focused, fulfilled and engaged workforce to provide job satisfaction and a more successful company

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