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UltraEORTM Overview

UltraEORTM is an important advancement on the SuperEORTM shale oil enhanced oil recovery process. It utilizes the same solvent injectant solution and operation process, but incorporates our proprietary CycleStimTM hydraulic fracture stimulation process to increase the fracture density, fracture complexity, reservoir surface area contact with the injectant, and the effective permeability within the surface area in contact with the injectant. 

UltraEORTM takes advantage of the stress regimes that result from the horizontal well primary fracture stimulation treatment process and production, increasing the fracture complexity, fracture surface area in contact with the wellbore, and effective permeability of the stimulated region around the wellbore. 

The UltraEORTM process implementation may be carefully monitored and controlled, using surface and downhole methods, including microseismic monitoring. 

By increasing the fracture complexity, fracture surface area and effective fracture permeability, more injectant can be delivered to the reservoir matrix and more oil can recovered from the well, than with SuperEORTM.

Like SuperEORTM, the UltraEORTM process is novel, advanced and protected by patents and patents pending. 

The graph below illustrates the improved oil recovery under the UltraEORTM process, versus SuperEORTM and primary oil production, for a Wolfcamp D well in the central Midland Basin. Cumulative oil recovery shown is for a single frac stage.

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 6.57.03 PM.png
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