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Williston Basin Bakken Shale SuperEOR & UltraEOR


The graph below compares the recovery of oil from a single stage of a selected Williston Basin Bakken shale horizontal oil well with unoptimized SuperEORTM cyclic injection, versus primary (pressure depletion) production.

bakken supereor oil rate 6-11-2023.png

Projected cumulative oil produced via SuperEOR is compared to projected primary cumulative oil production in the graph below. The SuperEOR process utilizes a tuned composition of liquid hydrocarbons, which have a much greater viscosity and much lower MMP than natural gas or CO2. This enables better control over injected solvent displacement, minimizing solvent loss to offset wells and maximizing oil recovery.

Projected cumulative oil produced via UltraEOR, compared to both SuperEOR and primary oil production is shown in the graph below. The proprietary CycleStim process generates fractures along the well lateral, allowing the injected liquid solvent to extract more oil from the rock matrix.

Excerpted from SPE 212984

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