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Advanced Technology For Shale Oil Production

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courtesy Computer Modeling Group

Shale oil wells produce by pressure depletion and solution gas drive - solution gas expands as reservoir pressure is reduced, pushing oil through interconnected matrix pore spaces. In most shale oil reservoirs, the low porosity and permeability results in very low oil recovery, often only about 5% of the oil in place.

SuperEOR and UltraEOR are oil and gas EXTRACTION processes, using designed solvent compositions, to efficiently remove the oil and gas from the shale matrix and bring it to the surface. Oil production cost is about half that of primary production, and in some shale reservoirs 500% more oil can be recovered.

Shale Ingenuity LLC

Shale Ingenuity LLC has invented and developed novel, highly effective processes for the enhanced hydraulic fracture stimulation and recovery of oil from shale oil and shale gas condensate reservoirs. 

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