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Advanced Technology For Shale Oil Production

Efficiently Produce More Oil at Lower Cost

SuperEORTM has a much lower cost of development and operation, less than have the breakeven cost of drilling and completing a new shale oil well, based on data presented by the Dallas Fed, March, 2021

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source: Dallas Fed, March, 2021

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Recover More Oil and Increase Reserves

SuperEORTM can increase oil production and reserves from shale oil wells, while lowering the cost of development. In the Midland Wolfcamp, implementation of SuperEORTM in a well can produce 4X more oil, at about 10% the cost.

Reduce GHG Emissions

SuperEORTM application in your wells can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70%, eliminating the need for artificial lift and recovering far more oil from each well per day of production.

Emissions reductions will vary, depending on shale basin and project configuration. 

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Reduce Water Handling

SuperEOR application in your wells can reduce water handling  - consumption for well completion and production and disposal - by about 80% on a per barrel of oil produced basis

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Shale Ingenuity LLC

Shale Ingenuity LLC has invented and developed a novel, highly effective process for the enhanced recovery of oil (EOR) from shale oil and shale gas condensate reservoirs.